Podcast: The Remarkable Story of Ernö Erbstein

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Ernö Egri Erbstein is a name you may not be familiar with, but the Hungarian coach was the architect of one of the greatest post-war teams. Il Grande Torino (The Great Torino) won five successive Italian titles after World War II but the entire team perished, along with Erbstein, in the first major football air […]

Podcast: Groundhopping in Romania

We discuss groundhopping in Romania with Bucharest-based Charlie Craven. Starting in the capital with the famous Steaua and Dinamo clubs, we also look at the recent success of regional clubs like Cluj, Timisoara and Viitorul Constanta. We’re aiming to post a new podcast every Sunday, so be sure to subscribe on your preferred podcast platform. […]

Podcast: Managing Matabeleland

We talk to football coach and writer Justin Walley about the fascinating story that he chronicles in his new book, One Football, No Nets. The book covers Justin’s experience managing Matabeleland – a region of Zimbabwe – to the CONIFA World Football Cup in London in 2018. He risks arrest under the Mugabe regime, recruits […]

Podcast: Football Nostalgia with Daniel Gray

Daniel Gray, author of Black Boots and Football Pinks: 50 Lost Wonders of the Beautiful Game, joins us on the podcast to discuss his new book. We look back at some of the many great things that have been lost from the game in the twenty-first century. We post two new podcasts every month, so […]

เว็บพนันบอล ดีที่สุด - คาสิโนออนไลน์ สล็อตPodcast: Groundhopping in the Czech Republic

We talk to Ondrej Zlámal, a Prague-based football correspondent, about groundhopping in the Czech Republic. For a country that you can traverse in just three hours’ drive in any direction, it’s a really groundhopper-friendly place. We discuss the Prague teams – Slavia, Sparta, Dukla and Bohemians – and the other big names, such as Viktoria […]

Podcast: Doing the 92…from a German Perspective

The “92 Club” is an exclusive club made up of groundhoppers who have visited all 92 league club grounds in England and Wales. We catch up with Florian Sauer from Munich who has written a book on his unique perspective as a German who has completed the set – and written a book about it. […]

Las Palmas

Podcast: Groundhopping in the Canary Islands

In this podcast, we chat to Unión Deportiva Las Palmas fan Matt Rayns and Club Deportivo Tenerife fan Thomas Farines about groundhopping in the Canary Islands. We major on the two main clubs, currently in Spain’s second division, La Segunda, and discuss how to island hop cheaply and practically to visit the other club in […]

White Angels Zagreb ultras

Podcast: Behind the scenes with Zagreb ultràs

  Dr. Andy Hodges spent years in or around the Zagreb fan scene, in particular looking at two distinct groups, the Bad Blue Boys of Dinamo Zagreb and the White Angels of NK Zagreb. What he found makes fascinating listening and he summarises his findings in his book, “Fan Activism, Protest and Politics: Ultras in […]

Podcast: Football and the Spanish Civil War

The Spanish Civil War, which ran from 1936-39, was a precursor to World War II. The conflict cost between 500,000 to one million lives and led to four decades of fascist dictatorship in Spain under General Francisco Franco. The domestic league was impacted, with implications for Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid, Athletic Bilbao and FC Barcelona in […]

Podcast: Groundhopping in the Valencia Region

Our guest this episode is Paco Polit, Valencia-based journalist and a presenter on the brilliant La Liga Lowdown podcast. Together with Paco, we discover the many football grounds of the Valencian Community region in Eastern Spain. These include the two La Liga clubs from the capital, Valencia CF and Levante, along with Villarreal, Hercules de […]

Podcast: David Squires on Cartooning Football

We talk to cartoonist David Squires, whose illustrations appear in The Guardian (UK) and L’Equipe (France), as well as in Australian and German media, about his career parodying the great and (often not so) good of modern football. David’s new book, Goalless Draws, is available online and in good bookstores on 1 November 2018. Order […]

เว็บพนันบอล ดีที่สุด - คาสิโนออนไลน์ สล็อตPodcast: Politics in Contemporary Football

We’re joined by political scientist Cas Mudde from the University of Georgia as we discuss politics in contemporary football, the rise of right-wing activity in tandem with the return of populism, and – on the flipside – the growth of anti-fascist (‘antifa’) movement. Cas has also been to more than 400 grounds around the world, so […]

Podcast: Groundhopping in Southern Italy

Having covered Groundhopping in Northern Italy already, we now cover the southern half of the country with Rome-based Claus Bermann, who runs the football travel website VisitFootball.dk. We discuss: Roma v Lazio Napoli Foggia Salernitana Bari …and more! If you love your calcio Italiano then check out our recommended best books, blogs and podcasts on […]

Football Travel Podcast: Major League Soccer with Stephen Brandt

  The current Major League Soccer set-up in the US may feature Zlatan and Rooney, but it’s not the first attempt to establish a football league in the country. In this episode, we check in with Stephen Brandt of the US-based Yellow Card Podcast for his guide to football in North America. We talk Beckham, […]